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Feb 31, 2023
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About course

A computer application, also known as an application or app, is a software program designed to perform a specific function or set of functions for a user. Applications are typically designed to run on a particular platform, such as a computer's operating system, a web browser, or a mobile device, and they can be installed on a single device or used over the internet through a web browser. Some examples of common computer applications include word processors, spreadsheet programs, database management systems, and media players

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding the fundamental principles of computer science, including algorithms, data structures, and programming languages.
  • Being able to use a variety of computer applications and software programs to perform tasks such as word processing, spreadsheet management, and data analysis.
  • Developing problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills through the use of computer applications.
  • Gaining familiarity with different operating systems and platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Learning how to use and manage different types of computer hardware and peripherals, such as printers, scanners, and storage devices.

Why digital marketing is important

Computer applications are important because they allow users to perform a wide range of tasks and functions efficiently and effectively. They can be used for personal, educational, and professional purposes, and they can help individuals and organizations to be more productive and organized.
For example, word processing software allows users to create documents, presentations, and other written materials more quickly and easily than they could with a pen and paper. Spreadsheet programs allow users to create and manage large amounts of data, perform calculations, and create charts and graphs to visualize and analyze data. Database management systems allow users to store and organize large amounts of data and retrieve it quickly and easily. Media players allow users to play and organize music, videos, and other types of media.
Overall, computer applications are an essential part of modern life, and they play a vital role in many aspects of our daily activities.

Key Highlight Of Course

  • 100% job opportunity

  • Fundamental of computer softwares

  • Advance Knowledge of corel draw

  • Essentials of Photoshop

  • 10+ Assignment

  • 5+Live Project

  • 186 Hours of Training

  • 5 Course modules

  • Career Essentials Soft Skills modules

  • Learner Support Available on All Days

  • Data Extraction

  • Time Series Data

  • Data Extraction

  • Time Series Data

  • CSV Module

  • 1:1 with Industry Mentors

  • 100+ Learning Hours

  • 43 Modules

  • Career Essentials Soft Skills modules

  • Career coaching (CV, motivational interviewing)

Course Syllabus You’ll Learn

Operating system
Hours of Learning
Case Studies and Assignments
Tool, Languages/Libraries
Provident live session video
Live Projets
1 year
Free Backup class

Frequently Asked Questions

Top Skills You Will learn

  • Accounting Fundamentals.
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Company Formation.
  • Balance Sheet.
  • Ledgers.
  • Printing of Cheque.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • TDS and its Calculation
  • Principles of Taxation
  • Job Opportunities

  • Back End Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Application Developer
  • Web Programmer
  • EJB Programmer
  • Java Developer
  • Minimum Eligibility

  • 12 pass student can apply.
  • Pursue Bachelor / Bachelor's Degree.
  • Degree (in any field).
  • MBA is desirable
  • Who Is suitable For this Programme?

  • A student who wants to explore knowledge can join.
  • A freelancer who wants to make extra income & find success.
  • Working professional who wants to upgrade their skills.
  • An Entrepreneur who wants to increase their resourcefulness.